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Learn to play in a Rock Band and perform in a real Gig. A fun and unique way to develop your musical skills and gain confidence in performing.    


Based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, AB/CD School of Rock combines expert tuition in Guitar, Drums, Bass and Singing with the opportunity to Jam with other young musicians in a safe environment.


"Both kids had such a wonderful time and we loved watching them perform at the end of the day!"


"...he has a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the Guitar, and he can't wait to come on the next one!


"My daughter's confidence has had a real boost, she has even formed a band with her friends from school!"


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you are the band!

1 day workshops

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Learn to play 3 songs as a band and perform them for the gig at the end of the day


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Wednesday 1st

And Wed 29th August


"We believe that learning music should above all be fun, and that enthusiasm and willingness to try something new are the most important factors in achieving musical success. We aim to give our students the skills, experiences and confidence that they can take forward to use in their own musical projects."

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